Hi from your neighborhood cavegirl.

To all my faithful readers: I am alive and well (for now).


I’m currently walking into three weeks with zero social life. Yep, you guessed it, finals week. Only, mine are oddly spread out this semester, so it’s basically 21 days of where’s Sawyer? I made an executive decision to sit down and write up a quick blog post so I don’t completely fry my brain.

As I sit here typing out what my day looked like, I am jamming out to Christmas classics by John Lennon, The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, and Wham! Today’s simply joys were an outfit that did not match, a study session during happy hour at Steak ‘N’ Shake, and creating a “finals week feel good” playlist of the good ole Spotify.

To expound, I’ve made it a whole day with grey hamburger socks on, underneath my black boots, along with camo pants, and a mustard plaid flannel…yeah, it does not go. But you know what? Who really cares? I hopped in my friend Abi’s car today and I told her not to mind me and my mix-matched outfit. To follow, she said, “I noticed that! I saw you and I was like I wish I could pull that off.” I will say, I felt a slight feeling of empowerment today. There’s something special about (supposedly) pulling off something that you can’t imagine yourself doing. It’s also funny to look in the mirror on days like this, and image what my younger self would have done. I wouldn’t have purposefully worn something completely random. But I’ve done so much learning during the last few years of my life. I think college opens up the door of “no one cares” and a lot of “you do you, boo.” I’m down. Here’s to living life to the fullest and being the most confident human beings we possibly can.

To go right along with that, I took a gluten free enchilada into Steak ‘N’ Shake during lunch today. Yes, I am that student who saves her money. I promise I bought something! A shake! A yummy chocolate shake with whip (no cherries for me please)! So, I spent a whopping buck fifty for lunch today. I’m basically living off of the free food and coffee right now, so if you love me… you know what to do.

As for my brand new playlist, it only has two songs on it. I’ve added them down below, so if anyone needs a pick me up you can give them a listen. Also, leave any fun suggestions in the comment section below! Two is just depressing. We’re talking 21 days of me living in a cave, people. I need a good one hundred or something!


Well, I’ve gotta go be studious and responsible and get a degree ‘n all.

Until next time, folks. IMG_20171128_174403_572_2

(P.S. I am currently taking gnome name suggestions for the little dudes in the attached picture. Hit me with your best, most fitting names.)



    • Hi! I was just thinking about you not too long ago. How are things on your end? I need an update! 🙂


      • At GA State– working on research about remix as a composition tool in the ELA classroom. Hopefully I will be done Spring of 2019, but it may be Fall depending on how the next 14 weeks go. If you do any social media, I’m on Instagram, Snapchat, and FB. Eventually, I’ll even get my blog into gear again!!!!!


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