It happened in moments. In snapshots, in short movie-like scenes their lives unraveled.

For him, it was a nap. Through the glass window and into the other room, he saw her in a dream. In an old office chair, with her head resting against the back, her legs hanging over it’s arm and drool streaming down her face, there she was. She was in some far off place, creating. Creating something magical and lovely and pure, leaving him in what seemed like a mundane world. There she was, along with his heart resting in the palm of her hand.

For her, it was the comfort of his arm. While her eyes were captivated by the city lights, he was two steps ahead clearing the way for her feet. She was in deep imagination when a stranger interrupted her. As if they had took her fascination away from her on purpose, she was frightened. Before she knew it, her arm had locked in his. He was strong and safe and comfortable. Everything she was imagining in the lights, was right there next to her.

Together they were a team. They were fearless and brave. They shined as brightly as the sun, making the rest of the world wear sunglasses just to catch a glimpse of who they were.

They took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. She took the olives off of his salad, and he took the onions off of her burger. Their arms crossed in their everyday life and it was beautiful.

It happened in moments. Their life, their love, it happened in snapshots, in movie-like scenes, leaving the world in complete awe.


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