Backwards. She could only go backwards. Her steps were short and close and always backwards. Her head was spinning, trying to set gaze on something steady. If she could just grasp one thing. A tiny, orange pot with an innocent white daisy growing inside, a bright red emergency pull lever, a kid in a gray hoodie gliding on a blue skateboard – anything! She just needed something.


There were people everywhere. There were too many curious eyes. Too many black ties. Too many champagne glasses filled to the brim. Too much laughter. Too many meaningless words. It was too much. She was spinning and her mind was flying. She just needed one thing. She needed a steady.


Suddenly, he embraced her. He came from the side and she didn’t see it coming. The moment was spectacular. She stopped and closed her eyes and took a breath. As if coming home from a long, hard day and throwing herself under a cozy blanket by a fire, he felt like home. His arms were wrapped around her, and hers were crossed over her chest. She was calm and alive.


Somehow time had slowed down. For a split second, everyone was moving as fast as a turtle. She turned her body and now her hands were resting on his chest, on his green t-shirt. He was strong and comfortable; he was familiar. Gradually, her head traveled upwards. Her eyes met his. They were curious and longing and unsure. They were both weary. And in an instant, she was spinning again. Only this time she wasn’t going backwards…he was.




In a world full of black ties and meaningless air, look for the green t-shirt.

In a world full of steps that only go backwards, look for the arms that set you straight.


Secure your heart. Have no fear. And in the end, you will look in triumph over your foes.


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