somewhere far from here

As he sat, he watched her. He spoke to a friend here and there, but never lost interest in observing her. He wanted to know more, to see more, to understand. She seemed so far away, why? Where was her curious mind, her kind spirit, her heart? Unable to put his finger on it, he continued to sit. Someday he would succeed in figuring this woman out, even if it took a lifetime. He was determined.


As she sat, she dreamed. For the first time in 6 months, her heart was no longer standing right before her eyes. It was in the air, beating to it’s own drum, flying freely. She had learned, in time, that is wasn’t worth it anymore. All of the times she tried to stand out to the one person that mattered, but the one person who never seemed to see. She was done.


She’s an eagle that needs to soar without chains, so let her.

“–there she remained; and yet wasn’t there at all…” -A. Huxley


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