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meet Lehmiss.

or, the hands of Lehmiss i should say. she’s from france + comes to helen every year for october fest. she has traveled all over the world – ireland, new zealand, hawaii… all over! her first expedition was when she was 17. she took a one way flight to greece to visit the islands + stayed there for four years. she inspires young people to do what they love + be happy. and i had the privilege of meeting her + being inspired.

1 john 4:19 – “we love because He first loved us.”

we love people. we love travel. we love words. we love music. we love colors. we love working with our hands. we love dancing. we love observing. we love learning. we love experience. we love. why? because He first loved us. because God is love. and in living in Him, we live in love.

go on living life to the fullest. go on loving. go on being happy. be encouraged +inspired. you are loved.


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