sawyer v stromwall

Photographer: Kait LogginsSawyer is a writer, speaker, photographer, and artist. 

A note from the writer herself:

Hi! Welcome to my corner. Every once in a while I’ll update my blog to give it a fresh look and catch up on life events, however there is one thing that never changes…the icky feeling I have toward writing my own bios. I won’t waste time on the details as to why, so setting aside my honest truth, here’s my attempt at kicking this revised bio in the butt. 

First thing’s first: I am a full believer in Jesus Christ & accepted Him as my Lord & Savior. That being said, He undeniably shows up in my writing. Through my music, my photography, my blogs, and my conversations, my heart is that everything I create points back to my Creator. 

Next thing you should know is that I am a ISFJ. I am loyal and hard-working and find joy in pouring into others. Someone once got frustrated at me for being “peer pressure proof,” so don’t hate me if I don’t sway. It’s difficult to block out the noisy lies that this world tries to shout at you, however I’m looking forward to sharing more about my story in this area. Let’s all be peer pressure proof together! It’s a strength, I assure you. 

I love roller coasters – funny story: I went to Universal Studios several years back with my family, and we jumped on their “Rip Ride Rockit” roller coaster. Google it. You start off picking a song, right? I’m serious, it has a screen and after you choose, the song plays during the ride. Immediately after I chose “That’s The Way (I Like It)” by KC & The Sunshine Band, the ride went 90 degrees up. I regretted my song choice the entire ride up towards the sky, but overall it was worth the adrenaline rush!

 I love to travel – I’ve been to Haiti twice and Peru once on missions trips. On the other side of that spectrum, I went to Hollywood in 2016 to record a song I wrote called Forevermore, with my church band, Influencers Worship. My dream state to visit in the US is Colorado, and my dream country would be Sweden. My dad went when he was 22, and I would love to do the same. 

I love finding treasures at thrift stores, and going to concerts, and taste testing every latte or mocha at coffee shops. I don’t like pickles or fake red cherries on top of my milkshakes. I’m constantly listening to music. I created this playlist on Spotify called “pear” and it’s one of my favorites right now. Check it out!

I realize this is going fairly long, so I’ll wrap it up. I am a currently a junior in college. I have an associates degree in Communication with a concentration in Media & Journalism, and I’m working toward a BA in Communication with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. My big girl dream is to be an author and speaker. I’m constantly sowing my seeds in writing, and I spoke at a young girls conference in October of 2017. 

As always: I don’t write raps, I eat wraps. 😉 I’ll meet y’all in the blogs!