about me

My name is Sawyer.

I am a nonfiction writer, with an interest in short stories, and a passion for songwriting. My song, Forevermore, released on August 24th, 2018 with Influencers Worship.

I am a senior in college, majoring in Communications. I hold an AA in Media and Journalism and am pursuing a BA in Organizational Leadership.

My ultimate dream is to be an author and speaker. Weave together travel, photography, yummy food, and a chance to speak truth into young women & their identity, and I am set for life.

Back in October of 2017, I spoke at a girls conference called Invitations. I wrote and delivered two sessions titled “All Your Heart,” and “Guard Your Heart.”

Fun Favorites:

Peaches, the color blue, Ikea, Jeni’s ice cream (or Breyer’s or Halo’s or homemade mmm heart eyes all the way), driving down roads where the trees arch over them, quirky socks from Target, Dove dark chocolate, Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, Taylor Swift & her genius Easter egg hunt that leaves me utterly confused and overly excited at the same time, roller coasters, concerts, handwritten letters, lots of fun favorites!